Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited
  •  Open a new web browser & enter the URL address of the AIBL Web Portal or ( directly into your web browser.
  •  Check the address bar URL with https, if any doubt check the security certificate.
  •  Make sure, the login page contains valid security logo.
  •  Use virtual keyboard for securing your key stroke.
  •  Make the password complex, change them frequently.
  •  Never disclose your User ID or Password to anyone.
  •  You should memorize this password & never write it down anywhere or reveal it to anyone.
  •  Ensure that your computer is equipped with up to date anti-virus software protection.
  •  Disable Auto-complete/Password storage in-browser.
  •  Remember to sign off / log out when you are finished internet banking service.
Internet Banking
Please do not modify the URL. This may block your account.
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